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Furlough Days

May 9th, 2010 at 01:04 pm

Hello all. Sorry for being silent. I was away at a conference for 5 days and then was crazy busy catching up.

So we received DH's paycheck, and they have taken out money for the upcoming furlough days. Somehow they justified taking out a higher pay rate than he actually gets paid. Don't ask me how they justified it. It's all Union contracts. So this month's budget is going to be $300 tighter than normal.

I'm pretty sure DH is going to be changing his specialization for his Masters. We looked at possible Education Technology jobs and he could easily earn 1.5-2x his current pay. This should also mean that we will hear if he is accepted by the end of the week. Hopefully that will mean hearing about financial aid sooner.

I started our Roth IRA this week, though I'm still waiting until the beginning of next month to fund it. We were delayed by the name change.

We have a lot of big expenses coming up from exciting weekends and planning for summer vacations, but I think our Frivolous spending account will cover it.

1 Responses to “Furlough Days”

  1. Jerry Says:

    How do they justify taking out more in furlough pay than he actually earns? That is ridiculous and leads me to wonder about the unions... I hope that the conference was a good one, and that you are enjoying your program! Having a marketable master's program for your husband will make a big difference later, offering some insurance of better jobs and better pay, so you are wise to look at all of the options!

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