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Shoppers Anxiety

March 21st, 2010 at 01:59 pm

I decided today that I want a nice blouse for my conference presentation next week. I decided I would go to Macy's as we have store credit there from our wedding. I printed out a wonderful little coupon and we were off to Macy's (H decided to keep me company).

And that's way everything went wrong. First we got lost just trying to figure out which floor the Women's clothes were on. Then I literally circled the place twice. I just can't believe what is considered "fashionable" these days! Most of the clothes looked like they were torn apart. The prices were outrageous! $160 for a shirt that was almost see-through! I just started to feel incredibly anxious, hopeless, and about to cry. We turned and left without me trying on a single thing!

I just am thankful that H was there and totally supportive. I don't know if I could have driven home in the state I was in. I'm going to check out Kohl's later this week as I have a coupon there.