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Things will be Tight = Motivation

August 26th, 2011 at 01:48 pm

So DH found out that 2nd job probably won't work out. This totally screws my budget, but does give me a good motivation to work hard on my dissertation. I want to defend my proposal by December 9 so that I can get a pay raise. So here are the basic goals:

September - Read to saturation in the two main theories I'm using
October - Write at least 1 page a day until finished
November - Revise my paper
November 23 - Email my paper to my committee
December 9 - Defend my proposal

I'm hoping I'll work hard enough and write fast enough to push up the final 2 deadlines so I'm not doing everything at the very last minute. Still I'm really pumped now to work hard. All right enough reflection, time to read some more Vygotsky!

DH just got a 2nd job!

August 19th, 2011 at 11:04 am

So a day after getting a new job, DH also got a 2nd job! He will teach in one school and then run an after school club at another school! It will be an extra $90 a week! Plus they were so disappointed in not hiring him this year that they already said they want to hire him next year! I'm so incredibly proud of him and just generally ebullient. This is our month!

DH is Employed

August 17th, 2011 at 05:32 pm

So DH has an brand new job! After three years of district bulls*** DH is now working for an online charter school. And instead of driving 45-90 minutes a day, DH will work only 20-30 minutes away. Did I mention the school is online which goes perfectly with DH's Education Technology Masters!!

He will be taking a $3000 paycut, but between the decreased gas (about $200/month), no union dues, lower car insurance, and his overall mental health gain I think we come out ahead! **Employment Dance** Plus I always under-budgeted our income so I could trick us into putting more into savings. So here is the new budget:

Total: $4650
Savings: $1627.50
Billed Needs: $1900.44
Discretionary Needs: $424.56
Billed Wants: $145.29
Discretionary Wants: $552.21

This pushes back our savings goals slightly, but not too much. We also will be putting less away for retirement, but DH will still be contributing to the pension.