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A Calendar to Help Stay Motivated

January 4th, 2013 at 02:59 pm

Finished the first draft of my dissertation today.

I really wish I could add more to the calendar below. More little events and deadlines help me stay motivated. I wish I had some job deadlines or expectations, but I don't. Ugh I'm having goal withdrawal.

January 11 - First Dissertation Editing Meeting with my Adviser

February 15 - Finish Student Loan Savings
February 15-18 - Gaming Convention
February 16 - Neice's Birthday Party
February 22 - Deadline to Email Final Dissertation Manuscript

March 15 - Deadline to File Dissertation
March ? - File Taxes
March 30 - Passover
March 31 - Easter
March 31 - DH Finishes Admin Credential

April 1-5 - DH's Spring Break
April 15 - Finish $45K Down Payment