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No Recission

June 7th, 2011 at 02:06 pm

So though the new budget is most likely going to pass, it doesn't look like DH will be included in the recission. According to an HR person everyone through 2007 is being hired back and DH started in 2008. So this means there are only a few people ahead of DH in seniority for the rehire process. This probably also means DH won't get to teach summer school.

Still I'm hopeful. After the budget passes, each school gets to rehire specific positions. If enough schools choose social science positions or out of classroom positions with social science credentialed people (like librarians) then we have a chance.

They really came down to the wire this year. Here is hoping the economy gets better and the legislatures stop filibustering their way to a budget. It really is not appreciated.

A Can't Spend Month

June 4th, 2011 at 12:24 pm

So after preparing our budget for June, I realized that this is a Can't Spend Month. Our Wants budget is already almost spent out and the month has barely begun. Out of our $529.96 in discretionary wants,

Rollover from May - $157.85
Buying DH a Cell Phone - $188.49
Taekwondo Belt Tests - $140

Leaving us with a whopping $43.62 for buying a Father's Day present and buying supplies for our camping trip. We have some difficult decisions to make this month, but the easiest is that we will not, cannot go out for food. Also no shopping or craft projects this month. Hopefully that will be enough.

Additionally, DH got some troubling and confusing news about his job on Friday night. It looks like he is not on the list of rescinded people. This might mean we will go back on unemployment for July and August.

I'm feeling a little ill about our whole situation.