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District Overpayment Resolved

December 8th, 2011 at 08:27 am

So DH resolved his overpayment with his old district. We still owe them money, but thankfully we can pay it back over the next 4 years with no interest. The money is already set aside in a savings account, but now I can reallocate the extra money I had set aside in case they decided we owed them even more.

Total in Account - $5922
Owe LAUSD - $3264
Leftover - $2658

DH also has one of the cars in to be fixed after his accident a couple months ago. That one is fully paid for my the insurance. The other car (because he was in an accident in both within a week) will go into the shop in January to take advantage of next year's deductible. About $500 of the extra money will go to this.

Car Repair - $500
Leftover - $2158

We also have some outstanding medical bills that I will need to take care of over the next couple weeks. I can't wait until the New Year and our new FSA elections. Until then I need to pay about $200 in bills still.

Medical Bills - $200
Leftover - $1958

With some of the extra money, we were hoping to take a small weekend trip to celebrate and pamper a bit before the baby comes. This shouldn't be too expensive.

Babymoon - $700
Leftover - $1258

DH and I have already resolved to just hoard money until next August so I'm not really worried about moving the money into our savings goals. I am thinking about dividing the rest of the money between our Down Payment and our Frivolous funds.

Down Payment - $1000
Frivolous - $258

First I want to get more exact estimates of the other items on this list.

1 Responses to “District Overpayment Resolved”

  1. snshijuptr Says:

    Turns out the check we got from the insurance covers the second car. I'm going to wait until 1) all medical bills are resolved, 2) the car is fixed, and 3) we've booked and budgeted for our little babymoon before I reallocate the money. Still, it will be nice to start the New Year with some Frivolous money.

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