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Calculated my Cost of Working

January 20th, 2012 at 08:02 am

So I calculated my cost of working if I started over Summer versus if I started in January, and I came to the conclusion that tuition and day care are ridiculously expensive! DH and I agreed that if I don't get the Possible Job then I will wait to send any more applications until after the baby is born aiming for a January start date. That means though that I have until the baby comes to attend career panels, network, and figure out how much I am worth in the job market. I have made a deal with myself that I will be prepared to negotiate my salary. I'm also taking my time now to try to finish as much as I can before the baby gets here so I can enjoy as much time with her as possible.

Other upcoming things. I realized that our Roth IRA is reading the point where I'm going to have to move our investments around. We are currently in a Composite Index with a minimum of $2500, but I would rather be invested in the indexes that make it up to lower our expenses. The problem is that the index funds have a minimum of $10,000. I should have this money by May so my plan is to check the account then and if I have $13,000 I will move $10,000 into the S&P index and leave the rest in the Composite. Then I will continue to contribute to the Composite until it is back up to $13,000. I realize we could be putting our money into ETF's for now, but I am wary of trading fees more than expense ratios.

I made a pact with DH that after I finish my dissertation, we are both going to learn about investing in stocks and bonds. At that point, we will take a bit of money and open a Roth IRA for a little tax sheltered trading. That will probably also be around the right time for us to invest some of our car and other savings into bonds and other income generating assests.

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