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My Money Working for Me

January 30th, 2012 at 12:57 pm

Even on a small scale, it is possible to see your money working for you. I love getting my 1099-INT's from our banks and looking at how much we earn in interest. Even with interest rates so low, this is tangible proof that my money is working for me. This is way better than working for my money, or even worse paying money for money (debt). I've also realized as we are about to get our yearly credit card bonus that this is another example of getting my money to work for me. I don't believe in chump change or rounding errors. Sure there are opportunity costs to be weighed (like driving farther for pennies worth of savings), but that doesn't mean it's not worth weighing these costs. The only way for us to be financially independent is to get our money to work for us, one dollar at a time.

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