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2nd Pay Raise & Lease Termination

March 21st, 2012 at 11:43 am

So I passed my dissertation proposal last Thursday and today I turned in all my paperwork. This means I have Advanced to Candidacy and have earned another pay raise! My net increase should around $200 /month. This will all go into savings until the baby comes! Yay!

In other news we had our lease inspection for our upcoming termination date. We won't owe anything upon turning in the car. Leasing a car really was a decent move for us since we knew we would be having a baby in 3 years and would want to change cars. Still if ZipCar had existed back then I would much rather have that.

So in April we will:
1) Earn $200 extra income
2) Redirect $200 lease payment to annual savings (for future cars)
3) Lower our insurance rate & get a refund
4) Start ZipCar with the $25 annual fee

Life is pretty exciting right now.

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