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Pay Raise?

March 28th, 2012 at 07:05 am

So I just found out that the 2 pay raises I was counting on are not going to happen because they changed my funding. It's overly complicated, like all educational payroll seems to be, but I still ended up earning an additional $200 a month. So instead of earning a pay raise through hard work and progressing in my PhD, I earned it through dumb luck and some fancy accounting. Whatever, I'm not complaining.

DH and I have been going back and forth about childcare for our daughter. Since we don't know what his work situation will be like next year, specifically if he will be able to work from home part time, we don't know when we will need daycare. My University offers subsidized daycare to the children of students so I'm going to apply for that now that I know my pay situation, but I'm not sure if they offer occasional or only full time daycare. Otherwise it might be cheaper to just go with outside daycare even if it is unsubsidized.

Finally, DH has all but decided to start his administrative credential. His work offers $5000 per calendar year in education reimbursements. He is trying to decide between a traditional 15 month program which would end up costing us nothing and an 8 month online program that would cost us $2700. I'm partial to the online program since it will get him his credential by April 2013 in time for applications rather than November 2013 when it is too late to apply. Plus then he can work from home on his credential rather than going to a physical campus so he can possibly watch the baby or help me out.

1 Responses to “Pay Raise?”

  1. Jerry Says:

    As long as there is no penalty that the online program leads to, it would also get my vote because you would have some insurance of 1) earlier entry to the job market and 2) help with the little one. Those are pretty good benefits for an extra $2700! Good luck to you...

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